Jos' Story


15 months ago I started on an incredible journey.  I joined Weight Watchers and to date I have lost 40 kilos.  5 months into my journey I joined FXU Vibe.  I have so much energy now, I feel stronger, fitter and healthier from the inside out.  I bound out of bed every morning, ready for the day ahead. After a session on the vibe machine I have heaps of energy. Monique and Sue offer a whole life balance program, not just an exercise program.  They are attune to your own individual needs. They share in your triumphs and are there for support in every way. After 10 months at FXU I have reduced 130.5cm, dropped 5 dress sizes and I have discovered muscles in places I didn't know existed! All this has been possible through my own personal determination, support of family, friends and my wonderful trainers.  With just 2 or 3 15 minute sessions a week what have you got to lose (except maybe 130.5 cm and 40kg!). If you are thinking about making a change give Monique and Sue a call, you won't regret it and you will never look back! Jo Lynch 




Diannes' Story

I started with FXU about 16 weeks ago and I am loving Vibration training, I feel absolutely terrific! I find after my session I always have such a great day!  I have toned up and reduced my weight by over 10kg I have lost  64cm in measurements all over my total body so far, I am wrapped!.

At FXU they have great Personal Trainers to help Motivate me. I know that without FXU Vibration Training I would not have achieved the results I have so far by slogging it out at an ordinary gym.  I am so grateful to you at FXU for making things happen for me.

Vickys' Story

November 2013 – for the last two months I have been vibration training with Monique and Sue.  Since I have lost 9 cm overall my body, that may not be a lot for some but for me this is huge as I have Addison’s disease. If I overheat, sweat or exercise excessively I bloat in the stomach, swell in the legs so badly that I cannot see my ankles and fatigue sets in.  So overall this makes it very hard to lose weight and I  feel very self conscious about my body.  When I do reduce weight I lose 2kgs then seem to put on 4kgs straight away.  My family and I eat healthy foods but due to the steroids I take for Addisons  makes weight loss a constant challenge.  Since Knowing Monique and Sue and their fabulous warming personalities,  I now feel very confident and am growing stronger every day. My legs don’t ache and swell like they have done in the past  My stomach is actually going down and doesn't bloat like it used too. Most importantly as I am self employed my fatigue is subsiding,  I can appreciate those energetic times with my young children now, this brings tears to my eyes to think that I can now keep up and not struggle.  I cannot express enough thanks for all your help and support and wish you well in what I call a super business.  Warm Regards Vicky Coombes

Gens' Story


I started working with Monique at FXU Vibration Training Studio in July 2013 and what I love about her Vibe training is that it’s low impact and is exercise I can do without causing additional discomfort or pain. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair and walking frame for mobility. I also have a visual impairment and use a Guide Dog. When I first started with Monique I was unable to stand unsupported but now I can take a few steps on my own, something I haven’t been able to do since going into a wheelchair 18 years ago.

When I first heard about the Vibration training I wasn't sure if I would be able to manage it as I didn't know if I could stand on the platform but after being given the opportunity to have a go I was very excited and willing to give the program a go. I also didn't believe Monique when she said it would be low impact as for me exercise has meant pain and discomfort.
One I started, my perception very quickly changed as Monique was right, there was very little discomfort, only that associated with muscles that hadn't been used for some time and the exercise was low impact.
The biggest benefit I have noticed is my ability to stand up for longer periods, initially with support but gradually unsupported. When I first started I couldn't stand on the machine for the 15 minute program but now I can. This has helped improve my balance and given me more energy. I've also noticed that I a able to cope with sailing and keeping my balance in the boat much more easily. I’m part of Sailability Wellington’s Race Squad and so race competitively. I recently went for a bike ride on my three-wheel Recumbant which has Power Assist and found I was able to cope much easier with this than I could have in the past. I found I was peddling myself more and relying on the motor much less and when I got home I was able to stand up and walk with my walking frame without my legs feeling like jelly as they would have in the past.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to keep fit and exercise in a way that is low impact. This is particularly good for people like myself with Cerebral Palsy or other neurological conditions which may limit mobility.
Monique and her colleague Sue are both excellent trainers and I enjoy the variety they both bring to our sessions. Both Monique and Sue encourage me to try different things but don’t push if I can’t manage something. I’m consistently surprised at what I can manage and look forward to each session.
Genevieve McLachlan
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Sharons' Story

“ Everyone can find 15 minutes! Being a sufferer of Ankylosing Spondylitis it is essential for me to keep moving to retain flexibility in my joints, and with two young children I was struggling to make time to get to the Gym. Since joining ‘The FXU Vibration Training Studio‘, with Monique and Sue three times a week, I no longer roll out of bed with pain in my joints every morning. My renewed vibrancy, strength and flexibility have been noticed by many. I feel fantastic, have lost over 40cm, and am easily keeping up with my beautiful children.  I am motivated by the dedication of Monique and Sue, challenging and supporting me that little bit more every session without me realising it. As things become easier the vibration intensity becomes stronger. I have muscles I didn’t know existed. It’s hard to comprehend that I am pain free for the first time in 20 years.  I challenge you to give the vibration training a go, it really works! Remember all you need is 15 minutes.”

Jens' Story

" I have spent my whole adult life fit and in some form of competitive sports, bouncing back after my first 4 kids into my 30's but when I had my last and 5th child at 40, my body just changed to not so responsive to my usual methods. I started at FXU studio to get an edge on my martial arts training, to get better muscle balance to correct a shoulder injury and a few other things. I was already training twice a week in martial arts, running at least 1 time a week and dabbling in Yoga. I loved the short sharp but effective sessions FXU offered and after 8 weeks I was stunned by my results, stronger, even fitter, my Butt stopped going south and looking more toned than it has in YEARS, I lost 17.5 cm of body fat from my winter hibernation and really felt the difference when I had 3 weeks off my martial arts training, usually I would go back after that kind of break and suffer either on the night or the next day, I didn't suffer, I handled the training way better than ever and had no soreness the next day, I feel fitter, more toned, and just all over fantastic than I have in a long time!! My run time has become faster by 5 mins and I am loving all the other benefits in particular the unexpected ones. Thanks Monique and team for your expertise, motivation and awesome vibes" Jen

Leannes' Story

I've being doing Vibe since the beginning of December 2014, and I love it. I started doing it to strengthen my back and other bits that felt older than I actually am! When I had my measurements done last week I was stoked with the results, they were an added bonus along with my back feeling heaps better. I love it that the ladies have faith in me even though my body sometimes doesn't.

Bridgets' Story

Looking to find a suitable fitness programme, I was delighted to find FXU. I'm not new to vibration training and am a big advocate of this technology. It works. 

My time working with Sue, Andrea and Monique is something I enjoy and I look forward to every session. The trainers are incredibly personable and they care about you and your goals. 

I highly recommend working with FXU to increase strength, reduce weight and to feel great in just 3 sessions per week. In the last few weeks I've reduced over 30cms and feel so much stronger. 

The first step is the hardest, the rest are the best! 

Jennys' Story

To The Girls at FXU,
I just want to thank you all for the for the workout sessions & service you all  provide. Over the last 6 months I have trimmed down in my measurements, my body is really starting to show tone & muscle now, and my fitness level has increased.
I love coming to my sessions, I love that I have a  personal trainer  ensuring I am always getting the most out of each exercise.
I always come away feeling energized and positive, ready to face the day!
I have had many gym memberships over the years but never stuck with it.
 FXU is so much more than a gym and I thoroughly recommend FXU for it's holistic approach to Health ,Fitness and Well-being.
Warm Regards,
Jenny Tasker
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Glynis' Story

 Since I have been attending FXU Vibration Training my muscle tone has greatly improved, especially my arm injury, which I now have full use of whereas before I could not raise it above my shoulder without pain.  My doctor has also commented on how much my asthma and breathing has improved.  Thank you,  Monique and your lovely team of  ladies, especially Sue – so friendly, happy and welcoming  - who work with you for your own needs.  Long may you Vibe. Glynis x

Sandras' Story

Sandra started at 'FXU' in March 2016, she had always given to raising her kids and grandkids. In her golden years she decided she needed to give something to herself for a change. Sandra suffered from sore joints and asthma, her fitness was challenged and she didn't have much confidence in her body. After the first 13 weeks Sandra lost 40cm all over, has come off her pain medication and is fitting clothes she hasn't been able to for years. GO SANDRA xx

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Thank you, thank you ladies for the last 3 weeks blitz before our trip can't wait to come back and get back on the programme. Can't believe the results and fun I've had in such a short time see u all in two weeks xoxox

Karin Ann Elliott

FXU is now firmly a part of my life. For me, being able to workout in just 15 mins suits my lifestyle perfectly. I have achieved fantastic results over the 3 years of coming to Vibe. The trainers are so motivational, knowledgeable and fun. It makes the whole experience something I look forward to and they push me to my limit - which I love. If you're short on time and want to look and feel better than ever, I recommend you book in a trial session. You won't regret it!!

Jo Muggeridge

Just had a great workout with Sue! Love this studio. They are very professional and they know how to cater to my broken bits, ( of which there are many). I recently tried one of the home vibe machines As Seen On TV. Not a patch on the studio machines at FXU. Monique and the team do a great job. We work hard and we have FUN! And it only takes 15 mins! Thank you Team!

Nyliram Notlob