There’s been case studies backed up by scientific research to understand the positive effects vibration training has on clients living with Cerebral Palsy (CP). It appears that whole body vibration has the potential to provide symptomatic relief for patients with CP. Whole body vibration improves spasticity, muscle strength and coordination.

FXU VIBE has had the honor of working with CP children and adults with varying types of CP and disabilities, with incredible results. We have 2 adult CP clients walking again, one unaided after 18 years and one using a walker after being wheel chair bound for over 10 years. Other CP clients have re discovered their mobility, flexibility, strength and fitness through a range of functional exercises created by our extraordinary trainers.

FXU VIBE has helped many people with a range of chronic illnesses; Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Muscular dystrophy, AS, MS and Chronic Fatigue are but a few of the cases we work with on a day to day basis. We truly help people re-claim their health and therefore their lives.


Over the past 5 years we have been lucky enough to work with 7 CP clients, 2 children and 5 adults. Our scope has now extended to include other special population clients. Our current Functional Fitness percentage is 39% of our FXU VIBE community.

We currently work with 4 CP clients.


Genevieve: 5 years

Started October 2013, our founding CP client and the reason why we became an exercise provider for the NZ society of Cerebral Palsy. Gen couldn’t walk unaided and relied on a mechanical wheelchair, eye seeing dog, for depth perception and her walker around home. After 3 months of working on strengthening Gen was able to walk for periods unassisted. Gen continues to come to FXU regularly and now works on all over fitness.


Sally: 3 years

Came to us with her mum Bev, to help aid in balance when walking. Sally has an intellectual disability with limited hearing, alongside her CP. Although Sally can walk unaided we have helped her gain strength and core stability to stop her falling. She can now do most exercises given and is fitter, stronger and more agile.  Sally loves to try exercises she’s seen our other regular FXU clients do. Her Mum loves to watch her run down the street to her sessions.


Cecilia: 18mths

Came to us via a referral from Gen in March 2017. When Cecilia came she had been in a wheelchair for 11 years and in terrible pain. After a short time at FXU VIBE Cecilia wasn’t needing to take her pain medication anymore and felt so much better in herself. After helping strengthen Cecilia’s muscles, she was able to stand from her wheelchair, progressing to holding the back of a chair and surprising us by walking steps with a walker! Cecilia continues to amaze us and comes to FXU VIBE regularly.


Lorraine: 9mths

Started with FXU VIBE due to a decrease in her mobility. She has found the machines very beneficial for her circulation and finds it uncomfortable if she can’t make a session. She loves the fact that she can now do most of the exercises able bodied people do. Lorraine is dedicated working towards walking unaided.


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