FXU is now firmly a part of my life. For me, being able to workout in just 15 mins suits my lifestyle perfectly. I have achieved fantastic results over the 3 years of coming to Vibe. The trainers are so motivational, knowledgeable and fun. It makes the whole experience something I look forward to and they push me to my limit - which I love. If you're short on time and want to look and feel better than ever, I recommend you book in a trial session. You won't regret it!!

Jo Muggeridge

I have been with FXU since it first opened. Fantastic way to get toned and fit without spending hours working out - and you have lots of fun at the same time. Lovely and qualified staff who genuinely care about their clients. I recommend this awesome business to others who want to build in more health and fitness into their lives.

Teena Cleary

Fantastic business! Motivational and passionate trainers, Options for all skill levels, different exercise routines for variation but always a great full body workout! Couldn't recommend enough. Also so convenient as it only takes 15 minutes!

Courtney Marie Judd


How much does it cost?

We range from $50 for two Personal Trained Vibe sessions per week to $60 for 3 sessions. 

How do I PAY?

We have a good range of payment options available.You may pay weekly, fortnightly monthly or pay in full.

When will I see results?

Every body is different and responds in it's own time. Some results we have seen in as little as 2 weeks and some towards the 12 week mark.

How many times per week should I do?

This depends on the individual time availability. You will still get good results with two when adding in other forms of regular exercise. If you only doing vibe then best to add three.

How can only 15 minutes equate to 1 hours exercise?

Vibration training challenges your whole body by firing your muscle fibers between - 50 times per second, nothing else does that. This means that conventional exercises are 2 - 3 times more effective when on the plate. 

Will I lose weight?

While people still get changes in there body shape, tone and fitness, The best weight loss clients have eaten a balanced diet along side of their training. After all it has been proven that 80% of weight loss is about nutrition.

Is there a contract if so how long to I have to sign for?

We have a 13 week contract people start on. The reason we make it 13 weeks is so the body has a good amount of time to adjust and change. After the 13 weeks have finished clients can choose:

Repeat 13wks: Same rate
6mths: $45 2x & $55 3x

1 year: $40 2x & $50 3x

How do the Power Plates work?

Engineered precisely to apply the body’s natural reflexive response to vibration, Power Plate technology uses a vibrating  platform, which moves 25 to 50 times per second resulting in corresponding muscle activation. The vibrations are harmonic, which are safe, consistent and controlled levels of vibration, moving in three directions (up and down, forwards and backwards and side to side)

Payment Terms

We have recently updated our Terms and & Conditions.
As per your contract, if you choose not to complete the duration of the term, you are liable to pay the outstanding balance in full. Depending on circumstances a payment agreement may be organised with Management.
All costs of collection incurred in the recovery of overdue
funds, including but not limited to debt recovery charges,
late payment penalties and legal fees will be added to the
balance of your account. Recovery collection cost may be up
to 40.35% on the gross amount outstanding
By using our services, you are accepting our Terms and
Conditions. Please advise if you have any queries regarding this.
Thank you for your understanding,


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